Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour
Come and Make Life Long Friends at the Cathedral!

Welcome to the Cathedral! 

            The Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour is a very special place in our country.  The Cathedral is the first church in America to become a Cathedral and was built from 1862 to 1869.  We also use the Guild House, which was built in 1894 and is connected to the Cathedral by the Cloister.  The Cathedral community is more than historical buildings and the original headquarters of the Diocese of Minnesota.  The Cathedral is a vital living, Christ-filled group of people, who love to welcome guests to the First Cathedral.  Our new advertising slogan is: “Come and Make Life-Long Friends at the Cathedral.”     

           September 2006 was the dedication of the new Cathedral Cloister that connects the Romanesque style Guild House with the neo-Gothic Cathedral.  This space is more than a passage way between buildings.  The Cathedral Cloister is a beautiful gathering space with new bathrooms and historical displays.  It’s doors are the new main entrance to the First Cathedral.  We have hosted many regional, ecumenical and city events in the Cathedral Cloister the last four months.  We will continue the process of hosting a variety of groups and events to get people in the Cathedral.  We hope to promote congregational growth by making our Cathedral a public gathering venue for the greater Faribault area.

            If you're looking for a church home -- please give us a try! We welcome everyone at the Cathedral and follow the National Episcopal slogan: "There are no outcasts in the Episcopal church." We hope to see you soon!

                                                              Yours in Christ,

                                                              The Very Rev. James C. Zotalis

                                                              20th Dean of the First Cathedral